The Spirit of the Serpent (2003)

An Exploration into Earth Energy

This was the first time Hamish and I worked together and it is the first film I made for a public audience.

Spend 90 minutes in the company of this knowledgeable team of experts as they explore an ancient circle of standing stones.

Do you ever wonder why our ancestor’s built stone circles?

Have you been to these places and wondered why they felt so special?

Have you ever wanted to find out more about your own link to the world of spirit?

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The Spirit of The Serpent features an exploration into Earth Energy at a circle of standing stones in Cornwall, England, known as The Merry Maidens. Most, if not all, of these sacred sites were founded at special places where Earth Energy lines meet or cross as they flow above and below the ground.

The Spirit of The Serpent suggests that many of the structures of the Ancient world may be the focus of energy flows featuring mathematical principles found throughout Nature and which have their basis in Quantum physics.

Our team of experts investigate the energy patterns in and around the circle. They recount the folklore associated with the site and conduct simple scientific experiments to try to evaluate what effect the Earth Energy has on human biology, and whether it responds to our presence at the power centres.

In The Spirit of The Serpent we meet our team of experts who talk about some of their values and experiences and we hear remarkable revelations about life, death and the spirit world.

Would you like to see why some people think the land is criss-crossed with straight lines of “energy”?

Decide for yourself if stone age man was barbaric or highly tuned in to the natural world.

You may even discover a way of seeing the world that is completely new!

Buy The DVD NOW£14.50 + £3.00 P&P
Download The Film NOW£10.99

Hamish Miller
Ba Miller
Jim Lyons
Rupert & Julie Soskin
Presented by Clare Grogan

Recorded at The Merry Maidens stone circle in Cornwall.

Fascinating insights and hidden patterns revealed by dowsing.

Watch a “brain mapping” experiment which illustrates the first inklings of a mind and matter interaction.

An hour of interviews with the team to discover what motivates them and their positive and open outlook on life.

Learn about the magical shapes of earth energy that the ancients used to work with.

Discover the invisible energy that sits behind the principles of Feng Shui.

Witness a kinesiology demonstration highlighting potential adverse effects on human physiology at a point within the circle.

See how our team vindicate the ancient geometry and mathematical measurements of past historians such as Alexander Thom.

Listen to science and ancient wisdom merge as told by Jim Lyons, and hear unique viewpoints on life and the afterlife from Hamish, Ba and all the team.

Buy The DVD NOW£14.50 + £3.00 P&P
Download The Film NOW£10.99