Storthwaite Hall WORKSHOPS with Tim Walter 2017

Unless specified otherwise all workshops will be held at Storthwaite Hall, Arkengarthdale, DL11 6EX with accommodation available locally (not included in the course fees)

I will be hosting the following core workshops from my home in North Yorkshire. Places will be limited to a maximum of 6 attendees on each workshop. All workshops are 2 days with soup lunches provided. Cost for all Storthwaite Hall workshops £150.00.

This is what attendees of my first workshop held in March had to say:

“I found your ‘Improving Your Intuition’ weekend extremely interesting, especially with what I experienced when holding your drawing board, I have certainly not experienced anything like it before. I felt slightly detached or outside myself when making and feeling the observations but the feelings and symptoms were very real, and it felt quite natural and I was not worried about it. …thank you very much for your teaching!” John

“Just wanted to say thank you for a really interesting and progressive weekend for me. Meeting like-minded people really helps with my way forward and I feel it has made a difference. Having confirmations as we do these things always helps build confidence in this etheric world and provides a form of evidence which always really helps. The hospitality and food was also lovely!” Paul

May 20th & 21st

Improving your Intuition - Introduction

For those interested in learning to dowse or improve their dowsing to create an improved connection to the subtle influences just beyond our five senses. During these two days I will help you improve your ability to tune in to feelings and subtle emotions of people, places and aspects of place. Gaining confidence in your own intuitive connection to more of the hidden aspects of reality that surround us improves your feeling of wellness and of the “rightness” of the world. Finding one’s own peace through an understanding of one’s self and one’s own connection to “all that is” can be a wonderful step to gaining insights and wisdom with which to help others or to simply feel more satisfied and settled in one’s own life.

This is an Introductory two days to Mindfulness, Meditation, Dowsing and some basic mediumship skills


June 24th & 25th  

Improving your Intuition – Advanced

For some people the most advanced contact one can have with the spirit world is through mediumship. Mediumship itself can be used in many different ways, there’s the “psychic readings” that can be done by picking up information from a person’s auric field, often by linking to them via a divinatory or oracle set of cards, then there’s what some call clairvoyant mediumship in which the reader sees the person in spirit who then gives the medium messages and lastly there is trance mediumship. Trance mediumship is when the medium allows the energy of the person in spirit to share the energy of medium themselves and to talk directly through the medium.

In this advanced course we will enable those who would like to try trance mediumship the opportunity to do so. There will also be plenty of time to practice the other less demanding aspects of mediumship. This is a course popular with dowsers, but you don’t have to have dowsed to come on the course. It’s worth pointing out that quite often we find that some dowsers are having conversations with spirit without even realising it and so are already practicing mediums!

Please attend the “Improving Intuition” introductory course before attending this one if you haven’t already worked on developing your sensitivities to the subtle dimensions.


July 15th & 16th

The New Reality - how to survive the stress of modern living.

Two day workshop introducing Mindfulness, active observation and the process of remaining focussed on the way one’s reality is responding to you in symbolic terms and in response to the Law of Attraction principles. In this workshop you will learn the way in which LoA works all the time, but why it seems as though it doesn’t, how to create stillness and peace no matter where you are, how to remain grounded in order to focus and maximise your potential to success in whatever you choose to achieve. The principles we will be covering include identifying earth energy flows within your homes and how to work with them on a regular and personal basis using dowsing.

This workshop is open to people of all faiths and religious beliefs. We will be talking about and using examples of interaction with spiritual aspects of our realities in ways that are very common-sense and practical.