The name “Knights Rose” was taken from a tin of dark blue gloss paint we used on the front door of our house when we moved there in 1998.

Little did I know what was in store for me as I used a shiny new screw driver to prise open the metal lid of the deep blue gloss and had the innocent thought, “Knights Rose – that would make a good name for a company…”

As I dipped the brush into the tin I paused and thought momentarily I could hear from a very long way away the sound of many detached voices laughing, echoing through the ether towards me.

The term “Spirit of place” is used to identify the energy of a location with which you can either interact through your emotions (what does this place feel like?) or indeed if you have the inclination you can talk to it as a personality and with practice have a conversation with it.

The spirit of place is often regarded as a guardian. In our house, I believe Jane was there to guide energy through a junction of two strong earth energy lines that crossed in part of the building. But of course she was also there for more than that. The conversations I had with Jane developed my intuitive mediumistic abilities and I soon found myself having conversations with all sorts of usually inanimate energy forms, including trees and stones!

Although to start with I did what most people do when faced with unexpected voices in their heads, I doubted the authenticity of it. But I have learned to trust.

If I lived in an indigenous tribe, then the person of that community most often found in conversation with such spirits would be the Shaman, for it is they who walk between our two worlds.

A word of caution: just as you don’t walk down the street and talk to everyone with complete frankness about the intimate details of your life, you should never embark upon this kind of communication without training or guidance from somebody who knows what they are doing. This is not to say that I and others like me are anything special – far from it, but I have developed my skills through over a decade of careful training from people who I trust implicitly. Those in spirit are just us from the material world (and more) some are very kind and loving, some are less so.

HamishIn the words of Hamish Miller, if you ever find yourself in a situation in which you are not comfortable, walk away from it. Don’t try to break through the fear or unease, simply walk away and leave the situation for those who know what they are doing to deal with.

The spirit world is real. The spirit world is one that we all come from and we all go back to. It has a role to play in helping us as a species return to a balanced existence in the material realm. It should be honoured and treated with respect, but it should not be simply obeyed, ‘no matter what’. It is a two-way street where neither side is dominant; it is a partnership between the worlds.

When we get the conversation right, it is truly magical.