Hamish on the Parallel Community (2007)

“Hamish on The Parallel Community” made two years before Hamish died even then he knew his days were coming to a close on this earth. This is a remarkable portrait of an amazing man, who after a mid-life out of body experience became determined to make a difference in the world and to live from his heart.

Hamish Miller in “Hamish on the Parallel Community” sets an example and introduces a way of living that many of us have been searching for; a life that provides peace, insight and wisdom on earth where humanity is a collection of caring souls functioning as part of a much bigger universal picture

Find out why, on news of Hamish Miller’s death, over 40,000 people went to his website to express their emotion at the world’s loss.

Discover the essence of ordinariness that can make everyone of us unique if only we are able to follow our own true beliefs.

Listen to why Hamish Miller was a true believer in the greatness of humanity, despite its many displays to the contrary!

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From his much loved home on the Penwith Peninsula in magical Cornwall Hamish takes the viewer on a journey through his long and eventful life. He talks about the days when he ran a hugely successful award winning furniture making business through his cathartic life-changing Near Death Experience and on to the wonders he found as a result.

In this production we are led from Neolithic sacred sites with their hidden dragon energy through some of his meetings with disincarnate beings and ultimately to why he now feels the time has come for global change by everyone at a personal level and why after another awe-inspiring mind to mind communication with ancient long gone Waitaha Elders in New Zealand he decided to set up the movement for social change now escalating round the world called, The Parallel Community."

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What people are saying about this production

…”thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s very beautiful and inspiring”

“Magnificent – so interesting, clear and beautiful too.”

“The talent of the cameraman can only be described as angelic. Every shot was a masterpiece of a way of living and what a constrast to the news on television!”

“This invoked a new way of living. The content was excellent … I would have loved to be able to watch the DVD and stop it, to savour these magical moments… This DVD shows how everyone should be able to claim the right to live in joyful magical moments as shown in Cornwall…This is truly a celebration.”

Buy The DVD NOW£14.50 + £3.00 P&P
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Hamish Miller

Julia Bradley
Ann Brocklehurst
Lynne Forrest
Ba Miller
Richard Smith
John Watts

“Hamish Miller had a head start on most of the rest of us in understanding the world beyond the five senses, in that he had not one, but three out-of-body experiences on which to draw. He was quite convinced that he knew what would happen after his eventual demise - because he had already been there! In his own words he found the prospect of passing over as 'quite exciting', and that he was 'rather looking forward to it'. With that sort of attitude, it is perhaps not too surprising that he didn't seek to put off the end of this cycle indefinitely.”  Nigel Twinn on Hamish’s passing