Over the years the more I have got into seeing the world from an energetic standpoint the more “me” I have felt. This has meant the more at ease, the more relaxed I have become, (you should have seen how stressed I used to be!) and the more wonderful life in general has become.

With this new-found way of seeing the world there seems to often come a sort of evangelical impulse to go out and tell people all about how wonderful it is. New converts to the world of energy-based living are usually us boring people at dinner parties who can’t shut up talking excitedly in an amazed fashion about stuff that most other people round the table find very irritating and dismiss as nonsense.

So it was that for years I would have quiet conversations with Jane in our house but not say much to anybody else and then gradually I started giving information to people I met about aspects of their lives that I didn’t know how I knew and nor did they.

And then one day, Myrddin arrived.

Grandfatherancestor2“Myrddin” is more or less pronounced “Merthen” as when saying ‘Carmarthen’ with a Welsh accent.

If you pop the word “Myrddin” into Google you will probably come up with this, from Wikipedia:

“Myrddin Wyllt, Merlinus Caledonensis or Merlin Sylvestris, is a figure in medieval Welsh legend, known as a prophet and a madman. He is the most important prototype for the modern composite image of Merlin, the wizard from Arthurian legend.”

As far as I am concerned the mythical figure of Merlin never actually existed in history as the character that we see portrayed in films or in the books. Researchers and historians say there was a man who revered nature and lived a reclusive life in the woods of the Welsh borders and was, it seems, a ‘seer’ of extraordinary ability.

Apparently he was shunned by the populace because of his unusual gifts and was driven ultimately to his death through fear-based attacks by those he encountered.

And I know this partly because in 2011, he told me so.

And at the time it gave me a huge problem.

Despite having had years of conversations with Jane I found it preposterous that somebody declaring themselves to be called Merlin wanted to communicate with and through me.

At this time I was working under strict direction from a wonderful teacher of trance mediumship. Trance mediumship is the next step on from more general mediumship in that the medium or channel allows the energy of a deceased being to enter their own energy and they then speak with the words of that person from spirit.

This is tricky, to say the least, as you have to firstly learn to focus from within your own space and make room psychically for another individual to be present. Not something that should ever be attempted without careful supervision.

The weird thing is that you can actually feel your own body change as the shape of the new energy comes in. It’s not so much that physical manifestations appear on your physical form (although these can happen) but it’s just a feeling that your body is occupied by somebody else while you stand by and watch.

….All pretty weird stuff for a shy boy from the suburbs.

tree in the distanceI never want to be accused of trying to change the way people see the world,  what I am saying is that finding this stuff out and experiencing it, enabled me to finally be “me”. The more “Merlin-time” I had, I found the more “me” I was at other times.

The importance of knowing oneself when doing mediumship cannot be over-emphasised, it is vital for a medium to know when they are themselves and when there is other channelled energy knocking on the door, and to know what that energy is and its intentions.

There are all sorts of explanations as to why I may be able to pick up some of the insights that I have been able to give to people about their own lives, many of these explanations tend towards the acknowledgement of a universal field of consciousness that links us all. That’s a sort of quantum physics way of saying the same thing as a spiritual connection: we are all linked, we are all One.

Given that our modern society is prone to grabbing people with bizarre views on life and throwing pharmaceuticals down their throats to stop any further steps in what is seen as a walk off the path of sanity, I still find it difficult to talk to people about the mediumistic aspect of my life. And being a shy boy from the suburbs I find actually performing the mediumistic process in front of a group of strangers very difficult indeed, but I am getting there!

I have always found writing an easier and more effective way to express myself and my weekly newsletter, “Butterfly 88” is my way of spreading some of the wisdom and insights that Myrddin gives to me. Usually, I have no idea whatsoever what will be in the newsletter until I start to write it and then Myrddin usually comes to me.

castleMyrddin comes with a massive connection to the natural world. I can feel an empathy within him that is almost as tangible as his humanity. He comes with the gravitas of a well-meaning but stern uncle who will not tolerate any nonsense from his nieces and nephews who he has found behaving without due care. He seems to regard us all as children without being patronising but contrasts his serious viewpoint with occasional humour. I respect his presence and I recommend his words be heeded and contemplated. I trust you enjoy the experience of reading his wisdom and like me eventually come to realise, as he often says, “the world is not what it seems”.

I have been fortunate enough to have Myrddin assist some who have sought advice, coaching or healing. I have no idea how much of this I will be doing in the future, but please do get in touch using the email link on the 1 to 1 insights page if you feel I may be able to help you in some way. I will usually respond with an email in the first instance to clarify the issue and then progress from there.

The chalk and charcoal drawing above is of an ancestral ‘seer’ by artist Nicola Moss for a project of her own. When she showed it to me, I was gobsmacked as I recognised him immediately as the one who comes to me when I am in trance and assists when I am healing. I have no doubt, this is Myrddin.