I was an ordinary bloke (I still am) who for many years was deep in the corporate world of blue chip financial organisations as a video and international conference producer. I was making a very good living, happily married to my lovely wife and although we had the usual difficulties of everyday life, we were coping, we were managing to keep our heads above water financially and our lives on a fairly even keel in order to bring up our two wonderful sons.

But over the years I was developing a niggle in the back of my mind…was there more to life than this? Why wasn't I content? Why was I so stressed all the time? Why did I feel so much pressure to “perform”.

The niggle grew and grew - it manifested one day in a decision to move house. I felt I wanted more space in my head. But still the niggle grew until I was absolutely convinced we had to move out of the South East out of the house we had brought two boys into the world in and move them right across the country to the Welsh borders. …And I had no idea why, but we had to do it quickly!

It felt like I was running away. Away from what, I have no idea. But it also felt like running towards something unknown - something BIG.

Looking back I can see this was the first major influence from the subtle realms that I experienced. Subtly they had started to make their presence felt. In a few months they would approach me more directly!

spirit of place

In 1998 on a gloriously sunny afternoon in May we moved into a massive five bedroom Georgian town house in a small village in the heart-shaped land bordered by the rivers Wye and Severn in Gloucestershire. We had arrived in The Royal Forest of Dean…and to use a corny phrase, because it has never been so true, our lives would never be the same again.We had fallen in love with Ludlow house on our first viewing some months earlier. It needed a lot of work to re-decorate and finish off some neglected parts of the building, but we loved it.


We had fallen in love with Ludlow house on our first viewing some months earlier. It needed a lot of work to re-decorate and finish off some neglected parts of the building, but we loved it. We loved it so much that when we began to realise everything inside the house wasn’t quite as it seemed, we didn’t think it too unusual or get too spooked.

Gradually, very gradually, peculiar things would happen. I started noticing that tools I was using for the DIY went missing I was using them. This wasn’t just absent mindedness, but a real disappearing act. They had a habit of reappearing in a really obvious way a few days later. We even had a workman come to the house to help out with some plastering and much to his surprise his trowel vanished as he was using it, only to be found an hour or so later stuck blade first in the grass a hundred feet away!

Then there were the shapes and shadows that I would see moving out of the corner of my eye as I went about the house. And even more bizarre were the few times when I was in the kitchen and I put my hand out to reach for my cup of tea and somebody else’s arm and hand would mimic exactly my action, right next to mine!


Being a very ordinary bloke (and I can’t stress enough that I hadn’t really had any previous dealings with any metaphysical phenomena or anything like this), I would question these things – did I really see that?

And then I would dismiss it as imagination…. But, there were the things that kept vanishing…

After more strange occurrences which increasingly became hard to dismiss, we one day found ourselves having invited three local ‘wise ladies’ in to look over the house to see if it needed spiritually clearing.

These very pleasant and down-to earth ladies discovered there was somebody living in the house that had died a hundred years before!

But ours was no ordinary haunting.

As we later found out, this person was a lady called Jane. She was the “spirit of place” trying to get our attention without frightening us. Jane was trying to gently make contact with us from beyond the veil that divides the living and the departed.

As I have said, I had no prior experience of metaphysical things. I had rarely even paid any attention things that seemed paranormal or downright weird, and now, having this friendly ‘ghost’ in our house,  seemed the most natural thing in the world! It somehow seemed to fit rather neatly into the whole house moving experience.

Unlike events shown in Hollywood or an actual malevolent haunting, this was a very matter of fact, caring encounter which persisted for well over a decade and it completely changed the lives of my entire family.

I learnt an enormous amount from Jane in conversations with her and learnt a fair amount about the nature of our reality, about where the boundaries are that spirit can and can’t cross to exert influence and I learned how much responsibility we have for our own existence.

Because of this one life changing event in 1998 I have immersed myself in extensive research into what I now perceive as the missing spiritual aspect of our lives. I have read masses of books, interviewed all sorts of people about their experiences and their knowledge of metaphysics, learnt a fair amount about standard Newtonian and Quantum science, made some great films for people to watch and of course developed some aspects of my own perceptions that I would never have thought possible before my family and I met Jane.

My greatest teacher and my mentor while all this was happening in my life was a gentleman by the name of Hamish Miller. I was fortunate enough to spend many weeks with him while we worked together on making some of the films that can be downloaded here


It was Hamish who originally showed me the patterns created by the earth energy rhythms that seem to reflect our state of mind.

He was the most kind hearted generous and committed man I have ever met. I miss him dearly, but of course, as you may have realised by now, he is never more than a few deep breathes and some focused concentration away, if I ever want a natter.

So, that’s my story. And you know, back in 1998, all I thought I really wanted to do was get out of the South East of England…

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