Moments of Peace (2009)

Designed for those who are not used to meditating these sequences of calming footage set to tranquil relaxing music will give you an oasis of peace in your busy and hectic day.

Pop the DVD on for a few minutes of mind-space and ‘me-time’. Chill out with positive vibes from these ancient sacred sites of the South West of England.

Please note the “download file” link will take you to a new page where the production is divided into the 6 separate files for your convenience. Only the DVD contains directions to each stone circle.

Feel like things are getting on top of you?

Need a few minutes head-space to be free-from worry?

Would like to learn to meditate, but don’t know where to start?

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Using six atmospheric and magical stone circles in the South West of England, this unique DVD gives the viewer the chance to find a quiet few minutes of mind-space. Beautifully filmed images and some specially composed music helps drift your mind away from the daily distractions. In this busy fast moving high tech consumerist age, give yourself a few minutes break to just sit and “be”.

Experience the beautiful locations where these ancient circles are today

Discover your inner connection through a calming place in the land

Make time for yourself for a few minutes each day.

Buy The DVD NOW£12.50 + £3.00 P&P
Download The Film NOW£7.99

Put on one of these tracks on in the morning before work and the evocative peaceful atmosphere of these sacred sites will infuse the rest of your day.

Included is the DVD is an enlightening interview with Hamish Miller, worldwide earth energy expert, on why these places are so special. The DVD (sorry- not the download file) also contains directions on how to find each of these special sites, if you are moved to visit them.

Almost as good as actually being there!

Meditation made easy: simply sit and day-dream

Practice focussing on yourself for a change

Buy The DVD NOW£12.50 + £3.00 P&P
Download The Film NOW£7.99


Boscowan Un
The Hurlers
The Merry Maidens
The Nine Maidens
The Trippet Stones

What people have said about “Moments of Peace”:

“…the music is quite mesmerising…such an amazing place”

“What a beautiful calming video, the music was just right, I was in a little world of my own there, free from worries for several minutes. Thank you.”