Mediumship & The immortal essence

People come to me either for life coaching, mediumship or geomancy. You can find out what I offer under the "Working with me" tab. Here, I illustrate a standard mediumship session (not trance) which helped ease  the feelings of loss over the passing of a loved one.

This physical realm can sometimes seem a very lonely place, especially after those we love have left us.

Stephen is the author of the following and is a good friend of mine. His wife, Jo, passed away after a long illness.

Joanne Page was a doctor. All the while she suffered with Multiple Sclerosis she knew what her fate would be. Stephen and Jo had a short time together but their love for each other was immeasurable. When they met neither thought themselves worthy of the other’s affection, but they remained hopeful. In that childlike way that we so often stumble into relationships, they found they complimented each other perfectly. Theirs was a soul-love.

The last few weeks of Jo’s life were very painful for Stephen who as the main carer saw every moment of Jo’s anguish and increasing failure to stay alive. When she finally passed, he was devastated.

I hoped I might be able to help in some way, but thought it unlikely that I would be able to make contact with Jo as I knew she had firmly denied any possibility of a life after death.

These are extracts from Stephens’ emails to me after the sitting which we did on 5th September 2013

09 September 2013
“Although fairly obviously I do miss Jo I would hesitate to describe the feeling as painful.  I suppose it was right at the start, but I am now able to focus much more on the good and happy times we had together.  This is in no small part the result of the session we had together when you and Jo were able to make contact.  You are right in thinking that my belief system has had a shake up, although perhaps not as much as you think because, if you recall when we've spoken of it in the past, I have always acknowledged that I simply don’t know but do recognise the possibility.  As your guide Myrddin correctly identified, certain things have now been revealed to me in such a way that there is no longer room for doubt.

As you know, and this also demonstrates my open-mindedness, I have had ‘sittings’ with so-called mediums on two previous occasions. Neither was very satisfactory and they both continually sought prompts from me as to whether what they were saying meant anything to me. Naively I gave them and I suspect this helped them to ‘read’ me. My recollection of our session is that I said nothing, and this was quite intentional on my part, and yet you were able to tell me things about Jo’s and my life together that were known only to she and I. I refer specifically to the incident with Jo’s bike, when she almost toppled over going through a gateway, and also to the fact that I had surrounded myself with photos of her. This second one is especially revealing as it happened after she passed and was known only to me….

….What is especially interesting about this is that it is not something that I discussed with anyone, and especially not you as you were very involved in moving up to Yorkshire. The only possible way you could have known about it at that stage was if Jo told you. The only possible way she could have known is if she had seen it. Given that it didn't happen until after she had passed it is, in my view, totally unequivocal evidence that you and she made contact, and I cannot thank you enough for it.

As I said, the effect this has had my emotional state is profound. To know with certainty that Jo is mobile, free of pain and able to communicate, when all these things had gradually been denied to her in this plane of existence, is a greater relief than you can perhaps imagine. To know also that her life has continued, rather than just ending so cruelly and so young, goes a long way towards helping me accept the unfairness of the situation. None of this knowledge would have been available to me without you, so I do thank you and I shall be grateful to you for as long as I live, which apparently will be a very long time indeed.

Towards the end of the session Jo told Stephen to keep an eye open for a sign that she would give to show that she was around….

14 September 2013
I thought I’d let you know what’s been happening and what I'm doing.  As I may have mentioned when I saw you last I have been doing some clearing out at home, one of the things I needed to do this was the brush from the dustpan and brush.  I had last used it to brush off the car seats and had put it back on a chair in the conservatory, when I went to get it, it wasn't there.  I spent some time hunting around for it but failed to find it.  I therefore used the vacuum cleaner hose and brush. 

The next day, when I passed through the conservatory, the brush was on the chair. 

I was so pleased that Myrddin and I were able to help both Jo and Stephen.

The world is not what it seems.