Diverse Dowsing (2009)

In ‘Diverse Dowsing’, Hamish Miller gives an earthy, honest, practical demonstration of basic dowsing tools, instruction on dowsing techniques, a “potted history” of their various developments and takes you quickly and expertly beyond the popular perception of dowsing as “just a way of finding water”.

Dowsing skills have developed to sophisticated levels which require practitioners to specialise in a particular field so that they can provide confident and competent solutions to problems as they arise.

These diverse specialities are explored in this film with expert practising dowsers. They talk knowledgeably and demonstrate their skills in this fascinating, colourful and intriguing film.

Would you like to learn to access your own life-changing intuitive self?

Find out why dowsing was banned in England for centuries!

Discover what you have been missing when you uncover your innate connection to everything around you.

Click below now to spend 52 minutes in the company of Hamish Miller as he takes an amazing journey with fellow expert dowsers.

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Review of “Diverse Dowsing” by author Nigel Twinn

"Diverse Dowsing is much more accomplished than Hamish Miller’s previous ventures into the digital genre. It evangelises without preaching and it explains without confusing. It describes the basics, using footage of one of his own training courses - interspersed with interviews with established practitioners that indicate how the field of dowsing is developing.

Using the input from these fellow-travellers, Hamish shows dowsing as a natural, commonplace ability that can be honed by relentless practice into a priceless tool to interpret the physical, social and spiritual environments that surround us.

It leaves the Newtonian world looking rather like black and white TV - interesting, but forever underachieving.

The eclectic cast show the applications of dowsing across a wide spectrum of human activity, and beyond.

They are workaday specialist professionals, plying their trades in the new millennium - the healer, the earth energy practitioner, the finder of lost objects and people, the archaeologist, the water diviner, the philosopher.

There is a strong agenda to this DVD, inherent in its title, that the wider world needs to know that dowsing is not just about finding water, it is about finding a new way of understanding our world.

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The novice and the sceptic will find much to stimulate their interest and curiosity, while the more experienced dowser will derive support and satisfaction from the style and content of this presentation. But for all his gentle, sage-like persona, Miller is a man on a mission.

In the autumn of an eventful life, he has, prompted by a couple of near death experiences, broken through to a new world view that might, just might, point us out of the terminal cul-de-sac of myopic materialism.

Despite the impending time pressure, he is only too aware that shouting ‘panic’ would be counter-productive - but providing a credible alternative, albeit one that relies on an acceptance of realms beyond the five senses, really could make a difference.

On one level, this is a beautifully-crafted cameo of the tide mark that dowsing has reached in 2009, but it’s so much more than that.  It hints at possibilities that could enable mainstream mankind to move into another, a parallel, view of perception - and in so doing, replace the amoral alchemy of nanotechnology with the honesty and effectiveness of the coat hanger.

As ringmaster, Hamish Miller has, as ever, a calm and understated delivery - but the ideas he promotes are as incendiary as they are intuitive.

Show this DVD to your scientifically sceptical friends, show it to your children and grandchildren, show it to anyone with a smidgeon of awareness.  Diverse Dowsing is essential viewing for all earthlings.”

Nigel Twinn
Tamar Dowsers, January 2009

Buy The DVD NOW£14.50 + £3.00 P&P
Download The Film NOW£10.99


Hamish Miller
Daphne Adams
Val Johnson
Sue Brown
Ralph Wilkins
Prof Peter Stewart DSc

Watch a water dowser find water and see his results proven by drilling!

Hear from people Hamish has helped settle troubled homes and businesses by removing what they perceive to be lost souls.

Learn about invisible flows of energy that weave across the landscape like rivers just like ‘chi’, the life giving energy manipulated on patients by acupuncturists.

Discover why the ancients may have used standing stones to pin point energy in the land.

Watch and hear from a healer as she unveils how she works with a pendulum to diagnose her patient’s needs.

Find out how map dowsing works to find lost objects, people or pets.

Remote viewing – is it a part of the dowsing technique?

Hear from Professor Peter Stewart how official government agencies have used dowsing for decades.

Consider the effect of keeping the population as a whole away from their own innate true power of creation.

Dowsing is a door through which to choose a new way of living.