"Helping You Explore A Spiritual Relationship With The Earth"

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...or how a tin of household gloss paint created a spiritual life.

Tim Walter is an intuitive life coach and a geomancer. Tim works with people to heal themselves and heals where they live or work. On these pages you will see ‘how he got to where he is today’ and what Tim can do for you.

Tim WalterTim Walter was trained as a film maker. Tim had a very “ordinary” life until he was almost forty. Ordinary in its normalness – a quiet young man living in the South East of England with his family doing a job that he was very good at, but ill-suited to! You can read on this page how Tim's life drastically changed as a result of choosing to move home.

Today, as an intuitive life coach and geomancer Tim Walter connects with some of the subtle energies of existence from which arise many of our subjective, dare we say it, ‘spiritual’ experiences.

Tim Walter is also a dowser and he has a mediumistic skill which enables him to have conversations with personalities hidden within the realms of inter-dimensional experience. These are fields of information that exist just beyond, but sometimes impinge upon, our five senses. If you find that too far-fetched and outrageous then you may like to know that several years ago Tim would have agreed with you!

Through a series of fascinating encounters Tim's life changed completely. From being utterly unaware of anything beyond the very ordinary to becoming immersed in a wonderful world of layers that have brought him untold joy.

Through learning more about the subtle realms and about the way we can all interact with them, as though they were a part of us, Tim Walter created for himself more happiness, more focus, more confidence. Tim became far more effective in life and has experienced a fundamental shift that has brought him a considerably more contented way of living.

Tim Walter can help you do that too. 

We are what we think – aren’t we?

…It’s a popular spiritual New Age concept.

  • But does it really work?
  • Is there such a thing as The Law of Attraction?
  • Does it really enable manifestation as suggested by “The Secret”?
  • Does quantum physics really tell us how things like telepathy work?

Unfortunately, the answer to these questions is a definite… “sort of!” and a tenuous “well, not really!”

homepage image2By helping people change the way they think, by slightly adjusting the way they see the world and their part in it, Tim Walter has helped improve people's lives. Through remote healing using focussed positive compassion on troubled places where people live or work Tim has helped change them to be supportive and nurturing. With education and practice he believes we can all do this.  Most of us just don’t know it yet or choose not to believe it.

Tim is particularly fascinated by the process involved in distant healing. There is what seems to be an intelligent link between the human mind and the realities in which we inhabit. What appear to be signs of this process of interaction can be traced in the ‘ether’ by dowsing. With a little skill and experience it is possible to find energetic geometric shapes that respond to our thoughts. They look like interference patterns but many of these shapes are also found in religious iconography distributed throughout the world and over the centuries.

Change our thoughts and these patterns change.

Self development gurus have preached the benefits of positive thinking for decades. It seems we are now finding evidence of how it actually works. In finding that evidence we are also pushing open the doors to a whole new way of seeing the role  of our species in the life of the earth. We are  finally coming to realise the power we each hold in controlling our own lives.

Small steps lead to big changes. Tim Walter can help you... 

…experience a new connection with everything through your heart and mind to find a new contentment.

…learn to see life differently so that habitual worries and stresses are put into perspective to enable you to move on from past issues.

…connect directly with your whole being to give you the power to be yourself; to feel in charge of your decisions and life’s direction.

To provide you with an improving experience of your world Tim works with:

  • Intuition
  • Dowsing
  • Mindfulness
  • Spirit of Place
  • Subtle Energies of the Earth
  • Science and Philosophy of Consciousness
  • Powers of Observation, Imagination and Creativity

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Since 1998 Tim Walter has researched, filmed and generally immersed himself in all sorts of esoteric learning in order to try to find his own viewpoint on the nature of being human. With a brother on a similar journey of his own but who ‘opened’ too soon, too quickly and was subsequently stuck for a period with mental health issues, Tim Walter's own course of self-development and coaching is deliberately a careful, safe and gentle process taken one step at a time.

No one will ever feel pressurised or pushed into anything they feel uncomfortable about or don’t understand.

We all have our own way of experiencing the world in which we live.

What we experience from moment to moment is unique to each of us.

Nobody else on the planet experiences the world quite like each of us does individually. This is our internal subjective viewpoint of our own reality. It is of as much value (if not more so) than the objective experience we share in the physical collective world.

Tim Walters coaching and healing for people is done with a mixture of tools and resources. He intuitively encourages each person to experience a new way of seeing the world. Fundamentally this change of perspective allows you to free yourself from thought patterns and situations that you had perceived as impossible to change. For many this leads them to develop a new, deeper, more sensitive awareness of all they encounter on a day to day basis.

To truly “know yourself” means you are in control of your ability to manifest your own life. This has been at the heart of all esoteric learning for centuries. It still applies today when the understanding of such learning may be more important than ever.