Here is a list of the services I provide but please note these are packages to illustrate what I can do to help you to wellness and wholeness. Please contact me to discuss any options or particular objectives you may have.

Mini Report: Personal Subtle Energy
(Auric Field)

Usual price £47 now just £37

Including Re-Balancing & Harmonising £37.00


You have experienced life’s ups and downs. The ups are great, but the downs leave an energetic impression that can hurt, harm and linger. As a result, you may be dissatisfied and feel stuck and be wondering if there is “more to life”. My reading and report is a bit like a psychic reading that highlights some of the emotional “spikes” you have experienced that could now be holding you back.  This report and re-balancing will help you get unstuck and begin to take life in a more exciting, empowering direction.

In the individually written report, you will find out:

  • Potentially detrimental influences created in your past
  • How the echoes of these past events still linger today
  • How other peoples thoughts might be affecting you

This report also includes a remote re-balancing session. This will help you start to move on in more empowered way in life.

Book your Personal Subtle-Energy Reading and remote re-balancing
now for just £37

Full Geomancy Report
Subtle Energy Audit

For your Home or your place of work £370

While life or business may feel pretty good, sometimes there is something you just can’t put your finger on – it’s like a wall you can’t seem to go over, round, under or even through. Clearly you want to change that and reach your goal. This comprehensive report covers:

  • More than 40 environmental and circumstantial data-points that could be detrimentally affecting you and others living in your home or at your place of work
  • A unique multi-page energy report
  • Re-alignment of the energetic imprint of each member of your family for positive beneficial effect. This can remove stresses, poor sleep patterns and many other negative influences effecting you.

A remote, follow up, full subtle energy audit including further energetic alterations as required

Book your Full Geomancy Report & Subtle Energy Audit For Yourself, Your Home (Or Your Place Of Work) for just £370

Life Enhancement

£100 a session including email support

You're probably feeling stuck in a rut, unable to move on in your job, your relationships or life in general. You may feel like you can't quite “make sense of it all” or have a sense that your life has a greater purpose than you are currently living. Life enhancement enables your world to change subtly, but significantly, for the good and often in ways you won't expect.

I will:

  • Help you reveal the power you hold. This will help you take confident control of your life and future
  • Show you an ancient technique that access your intuition in a logical way, helping you make more grounded but intuitive decisions
  • Help you develop and trust your intuition for guidance
  • Assist you as your life improves, changes and transforms

Single Session For Only £100

Intensive Self Development £900

Three days of one to one training in shifting your perspective on life to develop your intuition and guidance from The Management. These intensive but fun days are tailor-made for each individual but are likely to include an introduction to the techniques of Geomancy, dowsing, meditation, mindfulness, creative awareness and active observation techniques. The am will be to assist you in being able to assess your life symbolically and therefore read the information coming to you from your “whole self”.

Book here to join Tim in the Yorkshire Dales for 3 intensive and fun life changing days: £900

Please note accommodation is not included: