Tim Walter is a life coach and geomancer who uses modern
subtle energy management techniques and ancient earth
wisdom to help people re-balance their lives for wellness.

The world we live in is changing radically. We would have to be daft and pretty numb not to notice.

These changes could be perceived as potentially cataclysmic. But they can also be perceived as one of the greatest opportunities we have collectively and individually encountered.

The two are not unconnected.

In 1998 my wife and I moved our family into a run-down Victorian house in a village on the Welsh borders in Britain. After just a few weeks it became clear that the house we loved had secrets and those secrets wanted to be heard. For the next 17 years we lived literally in a suddenly changed new reality where spirits and the departed were real aspects of existence and involved in our daily lives.

This was a huge change of perception which led to a massive re-appraisal of everything I believed in and has led directly over the years to you reading these words on this website right now.

The two are not unconnected.


I have always been fascinated by logical scientific thinking and how it describes the world around us. The experiences which followed encountering the subtle energies of the house introduced me to the power of intuition and the significance of the personal subjective world view that we all carry with us.

If you work with me I will help you shift your perceptions of the world around you in a logical and safe way, we will move you from pain and fear to confidence and trust. With those new perspectives comes joy and self-confidence along with the ability to create the life you want to lead for yourself.

The tools of my trade are intuitive life coaching, and the ancient skills of directed intuitive access of the subtle realms. Through conversation and distant energy field re-balancing we clear and re-balance aspects of people and places for a positive and life enhancing outcome.

Change can be painful, but change is essential if you feel out of place or uncomfortable with any aspect of your life.

Please contact me for an initial free 30 minute conversation to establish how I may be able to help you see how the world in which you are currently living is not what it seems and can be changed for good.

I look forward to hearing from you and I thank you for finding my website today.

Please contact me now so that we may connect.

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