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Tim WalterMy name is Tim Walter and I am a Geomancer and Life Coach. A Geomancer is somebody that helps bring wellness to a home or a place of work by influencing the subtle energies of the environment and people in that space.

You may be looking for a solution to a constantly bickering family who seem to relax when away from home, you may be suffering from debilitating fatigue and not understand why, or you may simply feel that where you live isn’t really like a home no matter what you do in terms of interior decorating and DIY.

The issue you may be facing could be to do with Geopathic stress.

Geopathic stress is broadly the subtle but significant detrimental influence on us from unseen forces in the environment. A bit like a sick building the environment can be quite detrimental to us without us realising it.

I can help you find the peace and harmony you are looking for.

When I work with you I will also conduct a Subtle Energy audit on the place where you live or work. This shows us many of the detrimental aspects affecting you and your family. As part of this service I rebalance those detrimental aspects to be harmonious and life affirming. 

This gives us a head start in any goal setting we may do as part of a short programme of constructive change as you are then working from a “clean sheet” with your full energy rather than battling to fight even the place where you should feel most relaxed and content. 

Please see “My Services” page for more information on how we could work together or drop me a line using the contact form.

I look forward to being of service to you and your family.

Please explore the pages of this website and my youtube channel Knightsrose100 to find out more about living as a harmonious whole person and how treading delicately in unison with the forces of nature and Mother earth can improve your life for good.

All that we do together will be in a common-sense grounded approach often referencing current science, even though we may be dealing with some quite unusual ideas and concepts.

Be open to change: contact me today.

Do You Feel You Need To Improve Your Life
But You Don't Know Why Or How?

‘Life’ has a way of catching us out and forcing us
to change our ways; but often it’s much better
to make those difficult changes for ourselves!

tim walter and hamish miller

I'm Tim Walter, I had the privilege of learning about a different way of relating to the world, one that was more spiritual, from Hamish Miller after his Near Death Experience.

What Hamish encountered changed his life. Now some of what I learned from my good friend and mentor is featured in the three ‘Wise Living videos’ featured on this page and available for you to download immediately.

Here are three videos that will show you:

  • How to perceive the way your “state of mind” is reflected in the things that happen to you daily. I’ll show you how to notice your habitual thoughts and then choose a different action so you can improve, change or transform your circumstances.
  • How to overcome your fears and recognise self-sabotage – you’ll be amazed at how we stop ourselves from having more of what we really want.
  • How to use an ancient practice to gain intuitive insights into the world and people around you – one technique I’ll show you will enable you to actually measure how your positive mindset affects the natural world around you
  • 4 steps to plan your future with confidence - know that whatever decision you reach is the right one. If you follow this plan you can expect to radically change the way you approach previously recurring problems
  • A quick and easy approach to maximise your potential by living in harmony with yourself and thereby help you come to know your true power and potential

These videos will show you how to start knowing yourself and how to notice your whole world change as a result.

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